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About La Conasupo

Our Mission

La Conasupo offers authentic Mexican tacos, quesadillas and sopes. Make sure to try the house specialty, which is the lamb barbacoa and consomé (lamb soup). Everything is made fresh from scratch in our kitchen. Portions are very large and heavy on the meat. It’s a carnivore’s delight.

Check out our Mexican snacks and groceries. You’ll find fruit waters, sodas and juices. Also sweet bread, candies, cakes, chips and nuts, all with a Latin flare. We also have specialty cheeses and creams, dried chilies, salsas and everything you might need to cook your favorite Latin dishes at home. And don’t forget to pick up a piñata for your next party.

Our Vision

In our taqueria, enjoy authentic Mexican food just as if you were in Mexico. When you're finished eating, find all your favorite Latin-inspired snacks and groceries in our store.


For Your Celebrations and Special Events

Order a deliciously prepared whole or half lamb for your next celebration, and treat your guests to a special experience that brings them back to life in Mexico

Welcome to Our Restaurant

Authentic Mexican food prepared fresh from scratch

Portion sizes are very large, and heavy on meat.

Basic meats for tacos, quesadillas & sopes
  • Carne Asada = Skirt steak
  • Carnitas = Pork meat with tripe
Premium meats options
  • Barbacoa = lamb
  • Lengua = tongue
  • Cabeza = Beef cheeks
  • Chicharron = Pork rinds in red sauce
  • Tinga de res = Beef in spicy red sauce
  • Tinga de pollo = Chicken in spicy red sauce

our menu


Served on corn tortillas. Our tacos are huge. 1 of our tacos is the equivalent of 3 tacos at other places.

chicharron quesadilla
beef tinga quesadilas
chicken tinga Quesadillas
mushroom quesadilla

Our quesadilas are big quesadillas on a 13 inch housemade corn tortilla.


Similar to a tostada, but thicker hand-made tortilla

Our sopés are big sopés on a 10 inch housemade corn tortilla.







Meat by the pound





Note: Prices are subject to change without notice

snack Shop

Snack shop

Check out our Mexican snacks and Groceries.You'll find fruit waters,sodas and juice.Also sweet bread,candies,chips and nuts,all with a latin flare we also have specialty cheeses and creams,dried chillies, salsas and everything you might need to cook your favorite Latin dishes at home. And don't forget to pick up a pinata for your next Party.

Event Announcements

Bite of Phinneywood on September 17, 2022

We will be serving our delicious chicken tinga tacos at the Bite of Phinneywood. Get tickets here

The Phinneywood Art Walk is back on September 23 & 24, 2022

Come to La Conasupo to see art from local Latin artists starting with Honduran artist Dovey Martinez. For more information on the event, click here

For more info on artist Dovey Martinez, click here

Phinneywood's traditional Mexican Day of the Dead on November 5, 2022

Join us at Phinneywood's traditional Mexican Day of the Dead celebrationon November 5, 2022. La Conasupo will be selling some of our delicious Mexican dishes there. For more details, visit this website